Providing quality water treatment 
products to professionals since 1979!

A family owned and operated business, Mid America Water Treatment assembles and distributes water softeners, filters, drinking water systems. chemical feed pumps and a host of other fine products.

Mid America Water Treatment Inc., International

1437 Brewster Creek Blvd.

Bartlett, Illinois 60103-1695 U.S.A.

Phone (630) 289-6400

Fax (630) 289-6571

Office hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday.


The sales staff can be directly dialed and the last 4 digits of the direct dial number are the new extensions.

Cecelia Garcia - 630-289-6465 

Tim Hattendorf - 630-289-6448

Tammy Schlau - 630-289-6451

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Our Product List Includes….

• Water Conditioners & Filters w/ Autotrol Valves

• Water Conditioners & Filters w/ Fleck Valves

• Water Conditioners & Filters w/ Clack Valves

• Brine Tanks & Mineral Tanks

• Brine Reclaim

• Control Valves

• Diaphragm & Solenoid Operated Valves

• Ion Exchange Systems & Dealkalizers 

• Ion Exchange Resins

• Filter Media

• Arsenic Reduction Systems

• Mixed Bed Resin with Exchange Tanks

• Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems 

• Membranes, Faucets & Components

• Disposable Cartridge Filters

• Ultrafiltration Systems

• Ultraviolet Systems

• Chemical Feed Pumps 

• Static Mixers & Retention Tanks

• Spin Down Filters

• Iron Sequestering Systems for Irrigation

• Test Kits

• Flex Connectors, Vacuum Breakers & Much More

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The catalog includes color brochures, terms of sale and pricing information.  Please email us to request a catalog and open an account today!

Check out our products page for a list of items we carry.