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Product List

Autotrol® Products Catalog

Residential Softeners & Filters

Commercial Softeners & Filters

Valves, Bypasses & Replacement Parts

Homespring™ Ultrafiltration System


Fleck™ Products Catalog

Residential Softeners & Filters

Commercial Softeners, Dealkalizers & Filters

Brine Reclaim Systems

Differential Pressure Regeneration

Valves, Bypasses & Replacement Parts

Freshpoint™ Ultrafitration System


TruSoft® Softeners and Filters

1" to 1.5" Softeners & Filters

In-Line Filters & No Salt Scale Reducers (Upflow)

89TF and 89NF I/O Inline Filters

1190TF I/O Inline Carbon Filters (Downflow)

1190NF I/O Inline Neutralizers

No Salt Scale Reducers


Falcon Stainless Steel Connectors

Mineral Tanks & Accessories Page including the following:

Mineral Tanks

Tank Manifolds & Closures

Tank Adapters & Manual Valves

Distributors & Distributor Systems for Mineral Tanks

Turbulators & Riser Material

Tank Jackets & Shrouds

WellMate Tanks, ROMate Tanks, Retention & Universal Tanks

Conductivity Lights with Tank Adapters

Exchange Tank Adapters

Closure Wrenches

Backwash Flow Controls

PVC Pipe Fittings

Resin, Filter Media & Gravel

Brine Tanks & Accessories including the following:

Brine Tanks, Cabinets & Spare Parts

Commercial Brine Tanks

Grids, Wells, Floats, Pick-up Tubes & Overflow Fittings

Brine Fittings, Barb Fittings, Brine & Drain Tubing


Drinking Water Products Page including the following:

Microline® R.O. Systems & Components

Economical 50 GPD R.O. Systems & Components

Commercial R.O. Systems & Components

Booster, Delivery & Permeate Pumps

Trojan® Ultraviolet Systems & Components

Sterilite® Ultraviolet Systems & Components

Pura® Ultraviolet Systems & Components

Harmsco® & Hurricane™ Housings, Filters & Components

Pentek® Housings, Filters & Components (Formerly Ametek)

Spin down Filters & Components

Faucets & Components


Chemical Feed Pumps & Accessories including the following:

ChemTech Series 100, 200 & Prime Performance Pumps & Replacement Parts

Pulsatron Series A+, C, E & E+ Pumps & Replacement Parts

Mec-O-Matic Replacement Parts

Stenner Pumps & Replacement Parts

Flow Meters for Proportional Feeding

Well Pro & Land-O-Matic Pellet Feeders & Replacement Parts

Chemical Storage Tanks

Static Mixers 

Potassium Feeders, Res-up® Feeders & Chemicals

Soda Ash, RG 100 Sequestering Agent for Sprinklers

Test Kits, TDS Meters & Reagents

Air Injectors

Funnels and Air Gaps

DivertaFlo Bypasses