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With water, comes life

And as the need for quality water increases, so does the need for quality water treatment products. That’s where we come in. Because at Mid America Water Treatment, Inc. International, our goal is to provide quality equipment at a reasonable price. With over thirty-five years in the water treatment industry, our family-owned business has established itself as a leading wholesaler of quality water treatment equipment worldwide.

Water supplies growth as every living thing needs it to survive

We like to position ourselves the same way. We continuously strive to provide quality products, competitive pricing, superior service, and professional assistance to enable us to grow and flourish. We offer industry leading vendors, like Pentair, Clack, Calgon, Purolite, Stenner, Pulsafeeder and over 200 others. Our sales support team will provide you with service that is second to none. With the knowledge and expertise of our staff, we can help you solve even the most difficult water treatment problems.

We understand the importance of quality water and with your help, we hope to make it a necessity

Our centrally located facility near Chicago, Illinois inventories valves, tanks, filter media, point of use filters, R.O systems and a host of other products. Assembled softeners, filters, anion exchangers for special applications and dealkalizers are also available. We use only quality parts to custom build a complete system designed for your unique water needs.