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    FREIGHT: FOB SHIPPING POINT. GAURANTEE: That our products are free from defects due to improper workmanship or materials. Our liability is limited solely to the replacement of defective merchandise. SHIPMENTS: We will estimate the date of shipment as closely as possible and we will make every effort to ship as promised, but we cannot and do not guarantee shipping dates. RETURN GOODS: Goods may not be returned except with our consent. For authorized returns, credit will be issued on the basis of the price in effect when the goods are returned or at the invoiced price, whichever is lower. Credit can only be issued on new goods that have not been installed and have been purchased within 30 days from return date. CLAIMS: Claims of any character must be made within ten (10) days after receipt of goods. LOSS OR DAMAGE IN TRANSIT: The consignee must place all claims for loss or damage with the transportation company. Our responsibility ceases when we deliver the goods in good condition to the carrier. OPEN TERMS: If you selected open terms as your payment method, we'll send over our credit application & agreement form.